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traditional briefcase and aluminum briefcase When buying a new or used briefcase, there are a number of factors to consider.  What style of briefcase will be most comfortable for you to carry, and yet work well for your business needs?  What type of latch and locking mechanism do you prefer?  What kind of handle or strap will serve you best?  Whichever briefcase you choose, be sure that it is sturdy and well-constructed.  If the briefcase is made of leather, check what type of leather was used and make sure the stitching is tight and evenly spaced.  Try all the zippers to ensure that they work smoothly.

If you are buying a briefcase on eBay, the briefcase description and photos should answer these questions.  The briefcase's condition and construction will affect the price, as will interior fittings.  Be sure to peruse the briefcase listing thoroughly before bidding.  A good selection of quality briefcases is available at eBay auctions, and the briefcase you select will hopefully serve you for many years.

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Briefcases at eBay

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