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The briefcase is an essential business accessory that helps make work and travel easier and more organized for people in the corporate world.  Although briefcases were originally designed and named as cases for carrying legal briefs, their usage has broadened during the last fifty years.  Today, a briefcase is defined as a flat, rectangular case that is used for carrying everything from files and meeting notes to business and personal accessories.  It often has individual pockets for organizing a phone, PDA, laptop, pens, and other necessities.  Women's briefcase styles may include storage for make-up accessories as well.  Briefcases are designed with convenient carrying handles or shoulder straps, and they can be made of leather, suede, or metal.  Many different styles are available, including specialty styles for attorneys, couriers, physicians, and aviators.

Modern briefcases evolved from fourteenth century satchels, first in the form of the hinged, iron-frame carpetbags developed in France during the 1820s.  A later British adaptation, the dual-section portmanteau, or Gladstone bag, was favored by Prime Minister William Gladstone.

business people with briefcases, descending stairs Traditional briefcases and attaches are usually made from leather, vinyl, aluminum or other metals, and they have handles instead of a carrying strap.  The classic messenger bag is generally carried over the shoulder, but it may also include traditional handles; messenger bags can be made of leather, suede, or even durable canvas.  Portfolio-style bags, which combine messenger bag and traditional briefcase features, are a great choice for carrying papers to and from the office.  Some manufacturers have also expanded the term briefcase to include laptop computer cases, backpacks, and even leather tote bags!

The briefcase suppliers and leather goods shops listed below offer a wide selection of leather briefcases and related items such as wallets, handbags, luggage, and leather gifts.

Briefcase Manufacturers

  • Tumi
    Tumi is a brand of prestige business and personal accessories that features quality luggage, handbags, and backpacks, as well as purses, laptop cases, and travel accessories.
  • Coach Leather Goods
    Coach features fine business cases, travel bags, totes, and other leather goods.
  • Jack Georges
    Jack Georges is a designer of business cases and leather goods and accessories.
  • Clava
    Clava is a supplier of leather briefcases, backpacks, luggage, and handbags.
  • McKlein
    McKlein is a manufacturer of mobile computer cases, luggage, and backpacks.
  • Petek
    Find attache cases, briefcases, computer cases, doctor cases, and pilot cases.
  • Custom Hide
    Custom Hide is a maker of handcrafted leather briefcases and backpacks.
  • Sumdex
    Sumdex manufactures a broad selection of briefcases, luggage items, computer cases, and traveling accessories.
  • Samsonite Attaches and Briefcases
    Order softside and hardside briefcases and notebook computer cases direct from Samsonite.
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